10 Tips to Work more Productively from Home

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Some people are more productive at the office, others at home. However, even if you are one of those people that work better from the office, in can be nice to spend some days a week working from home. If you have the option to do so.

Less commuting, more time before and after work, and having some more time not being around people the entire day. But being in your own space can be distracting for some, so here are 10 tips to work more productively when working from home. Or just how to be more productive in general.

1. Keep your workplace clean and tidy

If your desk is messy, you can easily get distracted. Maybe you will randomly start wanting to organise your pen collection or go through the receipts you have collected on your desk. To avoid any distraction, the fewer things you have lying around on your desk, the better. So make sure you only have the items on there that you will actually need while working.

2. Keep the room tidied up

Keeping your work place clean doesn’t only apply for your desk but also for the whole room you are working from. If you have a separate office that is just used for work, then it will be much easier to focus on work only. However, if you work from your bedroom this could be more challenging, as there will be so many distractions around that don’t have anything to do with work.

So make sure your surroundings are tidied up, as that can also help you stay organised with whatever you are working on. E.g. make sure your bed is made, no clothes are lying around on the floor, and you don’t have yesterday’s coffee mug on the counter. The less clutter, the fewer distractions.

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3. Noise cancelling headphones

Any outside noise can be distracting, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. Noise cancelling headphones can help! Either listen to music that won’t keep you from working, or just use the headphones by itself to block out the outside noise. You don’t need to be listening to anything.

4. Use a timer

Lots of productivity tips include being productive for 25 minutes and then taking a break for 5 minutes and then repeating the process. So what could help you be more productive is to set a timer for 25 minutes and spend those 25 minutes completely focusing on one task only. Then after you take 5 minutes to do something more simple, like checking your emails or sorting through some folders etc. After that, you go back to being focused for 25 minutes and so on.

There are multiple apps that already have the right times set up, so you don’t need to set up a new timer every single time.

5. Schedule out your tasks

It helps if you think beforehand what you will be working on at what time of the day. In that way, you will be less distracted by other tasks that come up throughout the day, and you know that you are spending your working time working on something that has high priority for you. You can either write this down on paper or blog out the times in your calendar.

That way, you can also avoid people booking meetings with you in the times you want to reserve for working on high priority tasks.

Bullet journal with a monthly calendar

6. Go for a lunch walk

If the weather is nice, you also want to take some time off your screen, so a lunch walk can help. That will make you feel like you have also done something else productive already order than work.

7. Schedule a workout class before or after

Workouts always help you be more productive, however if you are just planning to maybe go to the gym, you might not be motivated, or you might not end up going in the end. So instead, try to schedule classes, where you might need to pay per class and can’t cancel any more. In that way, you will definitely go, and you also have a stricter timebox of when you need to be where and when you need to wrap up work. This will help you be more motivated to finish tasks in time.

If you have to be there at a certain time, you will also spend less time procrastinating when getting ready for your workout.

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8. Get a walking pad or stepper

If you have a desk that you can move up and down, getting a stepper or walking pad for under the desk might help you be more focused. As your feet are busy, you already have some distraction and therefore are less likely to be distracted by other things in your room.

And then of course, additionally, you also reach your daily fitness goal much quicker, as you won’t have to wait until after work to get your daily steps in. That will not only help you be more productive but also feel better and healthier overall.

9. Use a separate screen

This is probably quite obvious, but having another screen really helps you get more done. At the office I would be used to having 3 screens, but then at home I only had my one laptop screen. So, of course, it was much harder to be productive at home.

With another screen, you can much easier work on multiple things at the same time and have a better overview of all your open tabs.

10. Take time getting ready in the morning

It can be tempting to just get out of bed a couple of minutes before you need to start work and sit on your desk in your pyjamas. However, that might actually make you less productive. The boundaries between work and your free time can become blurred, and it can be more difficult to focus on the work that you need to get done.

Therefore, make sure to take some time for yourself in the morning, that is clearly your free time. And get ready for your day at home (even if that day is spent at home).

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And that concludes 10 tips to work more productively when working from home. What is your best tip when working from home? And where do you feel like you can work most productively?

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10 ways to be more productive when working from home
How to work more productively from home

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