4 Ways to get Free Marketing Certifications to add to LinkedIn

These days it is more important than ever to not only have a professional CV but also have a professional profile on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, you can not only connect with your coworkers or write down your job experiences, but also add relevant skills and certificates to further enhance your profile. Especially if you want to be working in the field of digital marketing, there are a lot of great online courses and resources that will help you gain further skills in your field of expertise. So it’s always a great idea to add these to your profile. The more skills and certificates you have, the better your profile may look to future recruiters.

But now you might be wondering how you can acquire certificates without having to pay for classes or online courses. While it is, of course true, that for a lot of resources you will have to pay, there are also certain courses that you can complete for free. And still earn a relevant and valuable certificate to add to your profile.

Here are 4 free ways to get marketing certificates to add to your LinkedIn profile.

1. Google Certificates

If you are interested in Marketing and especially Online Advertising, then you might already be familiar with all the Google certificates out there. These are all absolutely free to complete, and you can get all sorts of certificates related to Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Cloud, etc. From Display Advertising to Google My Business.

If you are working with Google products, a lot of these courses will be very helpful.

All you need is a Google Account. You can find all the Google courses on Skillshop.

After completion, you will get a credential code that you can then add to your LinkedIn profile. Most certificates are valid for about one year, so you have to eventually redo them to keep your certifications up to date.

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2. Receive certification on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Premium

If you have LinkedIn Premium you have access to a bunch of online courses for which you can also receive a certificate. LinkedIn has a lot of different courses to choose from, also if you are interested in non-marketing related courses such as productivity, leadership or colour grading. Or whatever else you want to learn more about.

Of course, LinkedIn Premium isn’t free. But you can try it out for free for one month and also get access to all the other perks that come with it. So if you have already finished the trial month, then this might be too late for you. But if you haven’t, then do sign up for the free month and try to complete as many online courses while you can in the meantime.

You can find courses from SEO and Social Media Marketing to Video Advertising, pretty much anything you might need as someone interested in working in marketing.

Since you are completing the courses already on the LinkedIn platform, it is pretty easy to add them to your profile. They often also already include the relevant skills that you just acquired in your skill section automatically.

Here are some examples of Marketing related LinkedIn courses you could take:

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3. Coursera

Coursera is a great learning platform with lots of different courses and specialisations. Some can be completed within a few hours, while others take several months. You can even receive a full degree on Coursera. And while this is all paid of course, there are some certificates you can receive for free. That is, if you complete them within the trial week!

All Coursera courses can be tried out for free for 7 days. If you finish courses in that time, you will already get your certificates. While 7 days are not enough to finish an entire specialisation, you can, however, finish a couple of courses in that time.

Now these need to be courses though that you will usually have to pay for. While there are a lot of free courses on the platform as well, these will usually only include a certificate if you pay extra.

The good thing is that you can try out many different courses before you decide to pay for the entire course. That way, you can get certificates for courses that you can complete quickly. And only pay for the courses you really want to spend a lot of time on. Just focus on one at a time, though. And if there is a course that you really like, you can also always pay to complete a whole specialisation.

Here are some great courses:

And if you want to take a full specialisation on Coursera: I have completed the Google Data Analytics certification, which took me about 5 months but was definitely worth the money I spent on it.

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4. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy also has a lot of free online courses. However, not all of them will actually give you a certificate. If you want to search for the ones that do, you can filter the courses and only let HubSpot show you courses for which you will receive a final certificate.

However, for most of these, you might need to have access to a paid HubSpot account. If you are working with HubSpot in your current job, you should have access to the HubSpot Academy.

Check out these course for example:

All the resources above are great and to an extent free online resources that will allow you to earn marketing certificates that you can add to your LinkedIn profile. Having certificates on your online resume will show recruiters that you not only have a certain skill set, but that you are also willing to learn and study new topics and concepts in your free time.

And these certificates are not only useful for LinkedIn. Of course, you can also add them to standard job applications. There will often either be a separate option to upload certificates or an option to add other documents or attachments. Especially, if you have a lot of certifications, I’d recommend creating just one document with all your certificates in it. Of course, only include the certificates that are actually relevant to the job that you are applying for.

I hope you will find some free marketing courses that interest you and that you would be happy to add to your LinkedIn account.

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Getting free Marketing certification to add to Linkedin
4 Ways to get free Marketing certifications

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