50 Things to start a Blog About

Do you need some inspiration? Maybe you had the brilliant idea to start your very own blog, but the only thing, you aren’t sure of is what it should be about?

Picking a blog topic can be difficult, because you can pretty much start a blog about anything you are interested in. From niche topics to broader topics, if you think it would be fun to write about, then why not create your own website for it. And I’m sure whatever it is about, someone out there will be exited to read it as well.

So to make the choice of what to write about a little easier for you, here are 50 things to start a blog about. Of course, there are thousands of other interesting topics that are worth writing about, but just to give you some inspiration!

1. Blogging

2. Travelling

3. Focus on just one city

4. Budget travel

5. Scuba Diving

6. Fashion Tips

7. Finances

8. Gardening

9. Recipes

10. Or focus on a specific cuisine only

11. Software reviews

12. Online courses

13. Productivity and personal development

14. Budget tips

15. University programmes

16. Workout plans

17. Hair styles

18. Make up reviews

19. The best museums around the world

20. Movie reviews

21. Cocktails

22. DIY projects

23. Personal blog about your life

24. Marketing

25. Language learning

26. TV shows to watch

27. Digital Nomad life

28. Mental health

29. Relationship advice

30 Game reviews

31. Testing gaming equipment

32. Interview tips

33. Book reviews

34. Owning a dog

35. Content creation

36. Ways to make money

37. Cooperate life

38. Living more healthy

39. Ways to live more environmentally friendly

40. Zero waste

41. Best surfing spots

42. Theme park reviews

43. Reviewing beauty products

44. Self-love

45. Photography

46. Advertising

47. Interior design

48. Off the beaten track travel

49. Design

50. Bullet journaling

Of course, there are thousands of other blog post topics. But hopefully these, or some variations of those, gave you an idea or made you think of something you would want to write about.

Do you want to start a blog yourself? What is your blog about?

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50 Things to start a blog about
things you could start a blog about

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